Short Film | "The Blind Man's Ball"

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The Blind Man’s Ball is an unimaginable event now left to the memories of those who attended it, Halloween weekend last year. Fortuitously, event creators and designers of darkness MATTE and You Are So Lucky have had their mysterious experience encapsulated in a short film by Gianluigi Carella and MATTE Films. The film takes place at the Ball, filmed at a looming abandoned mansion in Yonkers, New York, and follows a soul in search of its mate, desperate to be reunited. Before you are too seduced by the wickedness oozing from this film though, know that the next MATTE + You Are So Lucky event is this Halloween weekend and is already sold out. But keep hopeful, dark souls. Perhaps you’ll have your chance next Hallow’s Eve.  Watch the film here: * * * Written by Zoe Banoža