Sally Boy / Adolescence to Pettiness

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Flaunt-Sally-Boy-1 ![Flaunt-Sally-Boy-1](https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d0e49dd6d4b6fed83d37_Flaunt-Sally-Boy-1.jpeg) _“Look at me, I'm jigsaw free // am I worth the hypocrisy?”_  A rich, raspy voice and candid acoustic guitar are swiveling on your speakers when BAM - a low vibrating beat drops, melodic sound design takes over, and the vocals are layered and harmonized. Entranced by his witty articulation you still have no idea what genre to call this, because you’re hearing it all: in just _one_ of Sally Boy’s songs.  What shuffling is to dance, Sally Boy is to pop music. The mysteriously popular new artist has released a record of six songs that, like the shuffle, are joyfully light weight, somewhat of an illusion, and totally charming. Just add fresh beats.  Sally Boy was named one of Pigeons & Planes' best new artists of September and is certainly one to watch as he’s been, until now, winning over audiences with three songs. _Sally Boy, Stormy,_ and _Sippy Cup_ earned him several notable playlists, like Zane Lowe’s Music1 and Jack Saunder’s BBC Radio 1, and hundreds of thousands of streams. All three jams can be found on his newest gift, ‘EREZ’, a collection that Sally Boy calls his “journey of falling from the peak of adolescence into the depths of pettiness.”  Sally Boy shows off an unmistakable musicianship as he fluidly brings genres together that might never be caught dead on the same mixtape. Tastefully, you can hear his disinterest with judgement in every unique, thoughtful choice that is made. His gentle tone is complimented by a rasp and sleek modernity as he speaks his mind with R&B flavor. Billie Eilish meets Jacob Collier in Sally Boy’s vocal production and funk-inspired rhythms however, just like the shuffle, dissecting the movements is nothing compared to the magic from the ensemble as a whole. Keep up with Sally Boy wherever you listen to music and get personal by following him on [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/sallyboyboi/). * * * Written by [Ariana Tibi](https://www.instagram.com/aritibi/)