Flaunt Exclusive | Richard Ellis and Nick Ellis cover Jonas Brothers' "Sucker"
[Richard Ellis](https://instagram.com/therichardellis/), stars as Brad Lewis, the jock archetype, in Netflix’s latest coming-of-age series _I Am Not Okay With This_, directed by Jonathan Entwistle.  The show follows fifteen-year-old Sydney through the complexities of high school, including unrequited crushes, bullies, and P.E., all while discovering that she has a unique set of telekinetic superpowers.  After almost a month of it’s release, _I Am Not Okay With This_ has been not only been well received but has been the go to for escapism during this time of social distancing.  Many have seen this societal pause as a way for them to explore and nurture aspects of their lives that they don’t usually have time for.  In Richard Ellis’ case, he revisits his first love, music in an exclusive cover of the Jonas Brothers’ _Sucker,_ performing conveniently with his very own brother Nick Ellis_._ He shares, “I’m back in my home state, Connecticut with my brother here for the quarantine and we have decided to make a little cover at my neighbor’s house, who happens to have a recording studio in his basement.”