Flaunt Premiere | Young Franco Drops Wildly Creative “Come Thru” Visual

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Photo Credit: Casey Barnesy ![Photo Credit: Casey Barnesy](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d695f47a7e71ceb0ccb2_image3.jpeg) Photo Credit: Casey Barnesy Following the release of his breakout single “Fallin’ Apart” featuring Denzel Curry and Pell, [Young Franco](https://www.instagram.com/yngfrnco/?hl=en) returns with a visual for his highly addictive single “Come Thru” featuring SonReal and Jalmar. Premiered today exclusively on _Flaunt_, “Come Thru” deals in the provision of positive energy and trusting your inner confidence. Combining a glitchy synth line with laidback drums and a sexy slick bassline creates a melting pot of formidable two step and raucous energy.  Directed by Filipino-Canadian director Khrysta Lloren (also known as NOFAC3) focuses on surrealist experimentation and queer expression through multimedia art. Inspired by _The Nightmare Before Christmas_ and Radiohead’s music video for “_Burn The Witch_,” “Come Thru” transforms Young Franco, SonReal and Jalmar into claymation avatars in a hyper-visual world that’s not quite what it seems.  “When I was conceptualizing for ‘Come Thru’, I knew I wanted to create an absurdist fiction through the eyes of Young Franco’s clay character. From sculpting each character's detail to decorating the set, working behind the scenes was just as surreal as the music video,” says video director Khyrsta Lloren. “Everything was scaled down to the size of my hands and you can see fingerprints on clay, which is a reminder that it’s all handmade. Working with Young Franco and the team was so comforting during the late stages of this pandemic which kept our creative juices flowing.” A joint effort from start to finish, the trio combine their respective sonic universes, whether established or blossoming, to meet comfortably in the middle. The Canadian-raised, LA-based rapper SonReal has accumulated over 165 million global streams and 125 million video views, as well as nominated for multiple Juno Awards throughout his career. One of Son's previous releases “Can I Get A Witness” has gone on to be certified double-Platinum in Canada.  “Come Thru” is a very handy headstart for the Melbourne-based, Chilean-born, and ready-to-explode rapper Jalmar, with Young Franco introducing the talent to a global platform. With more original music teased for 2021, the future is looking bright for Jalmar. Young Franco’s project is currently sitting perched above the clouds, with career highlights being ticked off with every subsequent release.