Pabst Blue Ribbon's “America Dreaming” Campaign Celebrates the Most Diverse Generation in American History

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Kendall Jenner handing a crisp Pepsi to a cop isn’t going to dissolve the tensions between protesters and police. These tone-deaf attempts to turn a profit off the millennial fight for social justice is not only condescending, but it bears a fundamental flaw: showcasing a _product_ as the agent of change instead of the _people_. If companies want to engage with our generation, they need to listen.  We all grew up with the beloved “Wassuuuuup” in 90s and Britney Spears’ head-tilt-and-wink in 2002, but youth-culture is maturing faster than advertising can keep up. These American companies have the resources and responsibility to create a _dialogue_ with millennials instead of these fumbled attempts to speak our language. In Pabst Blue Ribbons new campaign, “American Dreaming,” this is exactly what they seek to accomplish.  43% of American millennials are multicultural, making the current generation of adults the most diverse in American History. In collaboration with VICE, Pabst Blue Ribbon is releasing two documentaries that celebrate the voices behind the changing face of the American Dream. The individuals showcased in the documentaries give a name and face to the diverse definitions of American identity. The films feature Niecee X, a poet and leader of the Black Women’s Defense League, Subhi, a Syrian refugee, Erika, a police officer and veteran, Violet, a Texan drag queen, Mai, a Vietnamese farmer, and Outspoken Bean, a Houston Poet.  Pabst Blue Ribbon wants to continue the conversation through the live national hotline 1-833-DREAM-ON. PBR encourages you to call in to describe your own vision of the 'American Dream'.  From a millennial to all advertisers: Please stop trying to commodify "wokeness." Instead, get us in our Achilles Heel--our unrelenting addiction to talking about ourselves. Then maybe we'll buy your beer! At the end of a long day of calling out ignorant ad campaigns, all we really want to do is share a cold beer with our friends. Generations aside, that tradition is timeless.