Meet Celeste Durve and Kelsi Kitchener, the Founders Behind VIPER: AKA, Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/47b91b2d-9586-4a9c-bcac-dd1a14ab79ae/CF0A0750.JPG) To the outside world, Super Bowl weekend was comprised of star-studded soirees, mini music festivals, show-stopping ensembles and FOMO-inducing parties. But to Celeste Durve and Kelsi Kitchener, it was much more than that. Behind all the glitz and the glamour is VIPER (VIP Event Relations), Hollywood’s hottest boutique hospitality agency holding it down while the most buzzy events of the season are carried out seamlessly. A Forbes 30 Under 30 recognized company, VIPER officially began in 2016 after Kitchener and Durve noticed the need for change, innovation, and upgrades in the events industry, especially when it pertained to operating the doors. Becoming the gatekeepers of the hottest events in Los Angeles is a major responsibility, and it's one that VIPER executes perfectly with no room for error. Having worked with clients ranging from Google to Amazon, Kanye West to Fendi, the VIPER team is self-made, women-led, and truly unmatched. Their skills were showcased flawlessly on Super Bowl weekend. From H. Wood x Revolve’s Homecoming Weekend extravaganza, to DIRECT TV’s Maxim event, The VIPER Girls, led by Kitchener and Durve, oversaw the doors and the luxurious ambiance behind these A-lister occasions. But this wasn’t their first rodeo. VIPER employed 100 team talent members working across the city of Los Angeles, under a management team of 8 leads run by Destiny Lockhart. Together, the company oversaw 11 events - 10 of which occurred within 72 hours of each other. They were also in charge of the Rams Celebration Parade, and oversaw a suite at The Big Game itself. “We began planning in mid-December of 2021,” the dynamic duo share exclusively with FLAUNT, adding that their ability to work effectively and strategically under pressure allows for their team to operate at the highest level. “Over the years, we have mastered remaining calm and we teach our team to do this as well. We have learned to remain mindful and solution-based.” Aside from the Super Bowl frenzy, Kitchener and Durve are in high demand and continue to grow their team. The VIPER brand is hot on the heels of expansion into casting, podcasting, and all things events, and the twosome leading the charge are truly unmatched in their approach to scaling their company. “There are so many moving parts,” they disclose of expansion. “We work hard and around the clock. We aim for a work/life balance, but we definitely prioritize work right now and sacrifice other things so that we can scale the business and build long-term wealth.” At the end of the day, Kitchener and Durve are committed to their craft and building an empire: “We’re motivated by our dreams, and are super thankful to have an incredible executive team as well as a strong board of advisors.” So, what’s next? VIPER’s reach across Los Angeles is definitively mainstream, and they look forward to introducing their top-notch skillset to Las Vegas. They are also dedicated to further developing Smart Is Sexy, aligning with like-minded brands, and elevating other women and lifestyle creators through various professional avenues. Needless to say, the VIPER takeover has only just begun.
Team Credits: Talent: Kelsi Kitchener @kelsi.kitchener & Celeste Durve @celestedurve Photographer: Bonnie Nichoalds @bonnienichoalds Makeup Artist: Landyn Alexa @landynalexa Hair Stylist: Kelsey Morgan @kelseymorganhair Wardrobe Styling: Talent self-styled Production: Emily Blair Media @emilyblairmedia Location: Goya Studios @goyastudios