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![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1593109583530-3G3XNFJUBULADF79MC6I/probablythis+FLAUNT) Matt & Beau | @probablythis | 202.8k followers | He / His Beau and Matt are the creators of Probably This, a queer home lifestyle blog highlighting their love of good design, practical DIYs, and delicious recipes. The two are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, which serves as a colorful backdrop to their blog and inspiration for many of their designs. What's important about PRIDE to you and why? Pride is important to us because while it can be a celebration of how far we’ve come, it’s also a time to remember how far we still need to go. Lots of folks, and us included to an extent, don’t feel comfortable being loudly Queer in their everyday lives due to where they live or or what their communities expect of them. Pride month is a great time to let all of that go, honor the Queer folks before us that paved the way, and focus our collective efforts on working towards liberation for everyone in the Queer community.

If you could be packed into someone's luggage, who would it be and where would that luggage end up? Obviously Marie Kondo. Her luggage is probably so beautifully packed that we could have some legroom! Ideally we’d end up in our own house so she could help us declutter because our guest room looks like the set of Hoarders :)
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Which current injustice is important to you and why? We’re rallying behind and trying to uplift the Black community and Black Lives Matter movement, especially as it relates to police brutality and injustice against Black trans folks. To be awake to the country’s issues in 2020 is to be aware of how this country was designed to oppress and steal from Black and Indigenous people, and that this systemic theft has continued into the 21st century. With everything from water access to climate justice to imprisonment to policing to educational and wealth gaps disproportionately affecting Black and Indigenous people, we think the only way to move this country forward is to first correct these disparities and stop valuing capital over human lives.

Why do you think self-expression is more important than ever? As the LGBTQ community becomes more and more visible, it’s important that all people across the Queer spectrum are uplifted, and individual self-expression is one great way for that to happen. Especially with social media platforms now, we have more access to more perspectives than ever before, and that representation is a key component in guiding folks who are at the beginning of their Queer self-realization journey.

What's something often misunderstood about you? Because our content is focused on home lifestyle, with an emphasis on design, DIY, and entertaining, people sometimes get the impression we’re fancy or snobbish. Maybe! But really we met when we were both college students living in apartments that were falling apart, and we started our blog to document the process of trying to make our home look cute on a budget. We’re still just two boys from New Orleans whose preferred outing is grabbing crappy beers at a dive bar.
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Is it ok to change your mind sometimes? How come? What's the context? Changing your mind is not only okay, but so important! As you go through life, you should constantly be adjusting your worldview with each new life experience you have. When faced with new information or hearing a perspective you’d never considered, it’s a healthy sign of an open and humble mind to admit you were wrong and go forward with your new knowledge.

Give some advice to the you of last year? Chill. Out. The pandemic has taught us that nothing is guaranteed, hard work doesn’t always pay off, and at any moment life could be put on hold––so enjoy the present and stop having anxiety about a future that hasn’t even happened yet.