Les Filles Goes Tropical

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Our favorite femme DJ collective took their flair for revelry from New York to Central America, when Les Filles threw a party in Costa Rica. The backdrop was the unbelievable hotel aguas Clara’s, a resort by the beaches of our coconut-loving dreams, and of course, Les Filles was in charge of the party music. Bringing the Les Filles sense of style and acute taste in music way down south made for what has to have been one of the greatest parties of the summer. When they weren't hosting their tropical bash by the beach, Les Filles got to spend some time in the sumptuous south of Costa Rica, near the village of Puerto Viejo. The highlight of the area was the Jaguar Rescue center where orphaned, sick, and injured animals are captured, rehabilitated, and released into the wild when ready. Rescue centers like Jaguar Rescue work tirelessly to undo some of the damage done to our planet because of human activities.  Les Filles includes Bec Adams, Alix Brown, Blu Detiger, Leslie Kirchhoff, and Brianna Lance wearing Jill Stuart Resort 18, fittingly feminine and floral among the lush Caribbean scenery. * * * Written by Zoe Banoža  photographed by Leslie Kirchhoff