Kat Dahlia / Flaunt Premiere / Spanglish Album ‘SeVeN’

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Photo Credit: Maria Juliah ![Photo Credit: Maria Juliah](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d0bfc7015dd641498ac7_KatDahliaFLAUNT.jpeg) Photo Credit: Maria Juliah [Kat Dahlia](https://www.instagram.com/katdahlia/?hl=en) embodies the definition of a rising star, drawing inspiration from a plethora of genres from Afrobeat and Latin urban to R&B and pop. Now, the Cuban-American singer-songwriter dives head first into her Latin roots with her highly-anticipated Spanglish album, _SeVeN,_ premiered today exclusively on Flaunt. The10-track project is sweet, honest, fierce, and empowering. Written by and for women, each record is fused with a uniquely female perspective offering a healthy dose of vulnerability, sorely lacking in Latin music often written by men. _SeVeN_ is a well-curated collection of Kat’s standout singles including “Vale Na”, “Si Yo No Voy,” “Facil,” and “Dime Si Te Llego” featuring Fuego.  This album solidifies the last 2 years of her life and her friends’ lives, highlighting love, breakups, and self-reflection. Kat states, “It’s been 7 years since I released my debut single ‘Gangsta’ and I wanted to have a title for this album that spoke to the evolution of my entire career thus far. I feel more like me than ever. This album is dedicated to my girls, my best friends, and all my fans. I love you.”  Between the powerful vocals, sweeping production and effortlessly cool songwriting, Dahlia serves up a perfect, no-skip soundtrack for any occasion. After her departure from Epic Records, the independent artist proves you don’t need a major label to make it in the music industry.  Listen to _SeVeN_ above and get inspired!