Justin Nozuka | Romantic New Music Video for “Nova”

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Justin Nozuka Flaunt-1.jpg ![Justin Nozuka Flaunt-1.jpg](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d6e64ad19b55341cb0fe_Justin%2BNozuka%2BFlaunt-1.jpeg) Who could resist falling in love with [Justin Nozuka](https://www.instagram.com/justinnozuka/?hl=en)? With his smooth vocals and addictive melodies, we’ve been in love with the Canadian-American songwriter since he first started putting out music. And if you’re a hopeless romantic like us, you’ll fall for his new single “Nova” at first listen. As sweet as the early days of a relationship, “Nova” captures the feeling of falling for someone head over heels.   “I don’t wanna play these games, I just wanna be with you right now,” Nozuka opens the song in a smooth falsetto before the beat drops into an instant bop. Catchy, sweet, and totally danceable, “Nova” is a track that will live rent-free in your head, and the music video is the perfect accompaniment. The visual chronicles these early days with a tenderness and vulnerability that we can’t get enough of.   This week, _Flaunt_ was excited to catch up with Justin to hear a little more about the story behind the new single, the process of making the music video, and what this past year has been like for his creative process. **Can you tell us a little bit about "Nova"? What's the inspiration behind the song?**  Writing and recording Nova started almost 3 years ago in west Toronto. I had a late night session with a childhood friend/creative of mine, Chris Stiliadis. We came up with the instrumental and hook melody and I slept on it for almost 3 years. Recently re-discovered it, sent it to my manager and he called me up and said ‘something in this one…’ I felt it and the next day back in the studio with Chris and over the past month or so, we pieced it together.  The song’s about early days with someone I've been seeing. I had really strong feelings going in and initially she was hoping for something less serious. In the song I'm basically saying “I just wanna be fully in, take a chance on me.” Also, “damn, can't believe you're actually in my life like this. It's like I hit the lotto”.   **Who directed the video, what does it mean to you personally?**  Jimmy Vi directed this video. I love his work and had been talking about working together for a couple years now. Finally life came through to make it happen and we made a video about summer love, a feel good type of video. I'm hoping people will smile while watching, and feel warm, uplifted.... all the corny but good things. **You just released your _Then, Now & Again_ EP,  a Live EP, and brand new live performance, and now you have two new tracks. What keeps you going?**  To be honest, I've never been more hungry to make music and go all in. Striving for my best work, experimenting with my sound, and enjoying the process. The pandemic in some ways, I hate to say it, did help with creativity and overall workflow. Having the space to cultivate this team (creative and business) was really everything. There's a real sense of creative momentum and unwavering determination right now which I'm feeding off of, heavy.  **Tell us why you’re releasing a "Nova"/"Closer" together?**  “Closer” is just a super slowed-down version of “Nova (Instrumental).” While working on “Nova”, we had written a lot of verses that we didn't end up using, so we re-purposed them for “Closer.” I feel the two tie together in a smooth and interesting way.