Jubël | '6115 Orange St.'
![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1622829226442-CCLZETUVREJPXH8HGIEN/JubelDumb1photoHenrikHalvarsson.jpg) It started off as an under-the-radar cover of a 1970’s classic back in the summer of 2018, and blossomed into a viral sensation with newfound fans across the globe overnight. A radio sync from cult reality show Love Island and a couple Tik Tok dance trends later, “Dancing in the Moonlight ft. NEIMY” now sits at over 300M+ streams across platforms, skyrocketing Swedish live-pop duo Jubël into the limelight. Today, the pair released their second EP 6115 Orange St. on Warner Records. The EP gives us a taste of their personal Los Angeles memories, something they’ve been holding onto this year as they long for their incessant Swedish winter to come to an end, after what has been a truly cumbersome year. Jubël have a knack for creating dance-floor ready, electro-pop tunes that readily transport you to cocktail hour on a rooftop in DTLA or a lazy summer day Venice Beach. Their vibrant music matches their vibrant, tongue and cheek visuals, as they look for any opportunity to laugh with one another and create something that will put their fanbase in a good mood. Sebastian and Victor are still kicking it at home in Sweden as they wait patiently for international travel rules to lift, so we stopped by for a virtual chat to pick their brains about the record, their lives and everything in between.
Photographed by Henrik Halvarsson
Lovely to meet you both, tell us a bit more about the inception of Jubël—how'd you decide on the name? Hello and thank you! Luckily for us it was an easy decision as it was the first name that came to our mind actually. In Swedish it means something along the lines of ”cheering” or “celebrating” so we thought it would fit in really well with our musical style which tends to be upbeat, lively and celebratory. So, 6115 Orange St. How do you feel about finally releasing your second EP? It feels really good. It’s a big relief because a number of the songs have been sitting with us for a long time and we’ve been itching to release them all year. So, to finally let them go and share them with our fans and the rest of the world is a really special feeling. It's definitely a summer-ready record, perfect for a rooftop party. Can you tell us what some key inspirations were for the EP? Who were you listening to as it came together? Our inspirations are really wide-spread, it comes from everything in life, our environment, movies, other artists etc. Our music taste is pretty varied, from Daft Punk to Bruno Mars, and that can definitely be picked up throughout the EP. Our track ‘Vanilla Sky’ came together after watching the 2011 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie. We ended up writing a track that we felt mirrored the plot and the style of the film. As a result, this EP is directly a result of us experiencing life on a day-to-day, and creating music that goes with those experiences. 'Weekend Vibe' has kept us moving since January, along with the remixes from Vice, Alle Farben and Kokiri. What goes through your minds when you hear the different spins that these artists throw on the track? You even had a massive one from Tiësto last year as well! Is always very exciting listening to other talented producers take on a song you’ve written. Suddenly the track gets an entirely new vibe that you may not have even thought about and we love that sort of collaboration. With the Tiësto remix for example, we got in contact through the label and it was incredibly special to have such a giant DJ want to remix something we had created. Let's bring it back to last autumn, your track 'Dancing in the Moonlight ft. NEIMY' really blew up, sitting at over 300M+ streams! Considering that you released it in 2018, what was it like to see those streaming numbers explode overnight? It was crazy!! What a whirlwind. And it was all thanks to a sync in a pretty famous UK reality show Love Island that it got added to radio - the rest is history! When that radio addition happened the streaming numbers went up really fast. It was hard to believe and honestly it still blows us away but we’re so proud. Have you two been getting behind any of the TikTok dance trends as well since then? TikTok is an amazing platform to reach new people and has been a huge supporter of our music, including our tracks in trending topics etc. I wouldn’t say we’re the best dancers so we don’t really hop on the dance trends that successfully, but we’re still active on the app and love to goof around and try to be funny. We also just love to see what people come up with when they use our songs, Tik Tok users can be super creative. 6115 Orange St. really presents itself as an ode to Los Angeles. What is it about the city that you find so charming? How does it compare to where you live in Sweden? Pretty much everything about LA is awesome to us. It’s the ocean and mountain views, the summer sun, the diverse and delicious food, the good vibes and all the people we met while we were there. It’s almost the opposite of Sweden where we live in the dark for eight months and get really lucky if we have any sun during that time. I guess that is what makes us long for cities like LA, where there’s never any shortage of beautiful weather. It can really affect you and your mood. Can you point towards a track from the EP that really resonates with you? What's the backstory? ‘Weekend Vibe'' is definitely our favorite track from the EP. We just wanted to create something different and funny and not think too much of what's popular etc. It's a perfect anthem for the summer! What comes next for Jubël? Will you be getting on the stage any time soon? We are planning a tour later this Fall if everything is back to normal and we’re allowed to perform and travel. Can’t give you too much extra detail there, but besides that we’re constantly working on even more music and are spending a lot of time in the studio brainstorming together. Is there anyone you dedicate 6115 Orange St. to? It’s a fun and lively record dedicated to everyone and anyone that just wants to have a good time, be stress free and enjoy themselves with friends!