Flaunt and Tequila Herradura host world premiere and afterparty for JT LeRoy starring Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern

![Alt Text]() Ever the fans of gender benders and queer identity mix and matching, Flaunt moseyed down Sunset Blvd last night to Arclight Cinemas, alongside our pals Tequila Herradura , to host the world premiere of JT Leroy, starring Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern. The dramatic effort tells a close to home Hollywood tale (as the film poster boasts: "based on the incredible true lie") of literary hoaxing and disguise throughout the entertainment circuit by one Savannah Koop (the lauded JT LeRoy to some), who co-wrote the film with director Justin Kelly, both gleefully present of course. Following the premiere, we popped to the venerable Beauty and Essex up the street for a jubilant film-meets-fashion-meets-art-meets-literature reliving of an elegantly messy 90's era of Hollywood excess. Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern were joined by cast mates Kelvin Harrison Jr and Jim Sturgess, along with pals Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund. There were Queens, there was influence, there was pretty, there were piercings, there was live action wrestling... all to the tune of DJs Liam Casey, Dede Bird, Rodaidh McDonald, Bec Adams and Zoe Bleu. Biggest of ups to Universal for getting behind this rad flick, and special thanks to Katrina Wan PR and all who came out to defy the ever-boring status quo!
Photographed by Sean Behr and Rodin Eckenroth