Issue 141 | Editor's Letter
![Alt Text]() EDITOR’S LETTER Ah, the fountain of youth. The eternal spring. The tireless pursuit of forever. By drill, by tap, by force, by politic, by prophecy and polymer-puffed placebo, the quest is old as any. Considering some recent, rather grim imaging from our friends at NASA (pg. 42)—it appears the flaxen-haired, ocean-saddled poster boy for evermore, our beloved California, will soon report to a carelessly sucked dry-well. For you can’t concoct an elixir without water. And so, preservation will soon refer to lines of ration, not laughter, the feat of forever shall remain a story spun from celluloid, and the everlasting shall elude ever the more. Alas, you can’t win for trying, but you can sure as hell win for trying while it lasts. Enjoy The Elixir Issue. Yours, Matthew