Garden of Sheden // Savage Artist Residency

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Courtesy of Savage Artist Residency ![Courtesy of Savage Artist Residency](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bcd34ce71b9f39d57455_unnamed.png) Courtesy of Savage Artist Residency No limitations. A creative jolt of saucy, disco music and boundless confidence. Those are the dazzling components of Supernature’s The Garden Sheden on February 22nd at The Savage Ranch. Supernature, a queer collective hailing from Amsterdam, will be curating a celebration of queer expression, for all those who want to join in on a 12 hour party featuring Supernature’s own Dopplegang and California-based DJs such as John Byars and The National Security. Also on the lineup, vocalist and tranmedia artist from Harlem, New York, [Terry Lovette](https://www.instagram.com/womanorworld/). The California desert ultimately serves as Supernature’s and [Love Bailey’s](https://www.instagram.com/loveisbailey/?hl=en) quintessential destination for artistic radiance.  **How does creating your own art inform your resilience and determination?**  In a heteronormative world, being a queer collective is always a form of deviance and resilience.  It means you’re choosing a path of resistance, but when you hold on, the outcome is the more rewarding for it. Creating a safe space for people that are/feel different is an absolute blessing. **Are you able to reach your utmost level of confidence through performance?**  Being able to accept and share the parts of myself that I thought I had to hide from the world is so freeing. The unrefined, pure, youthful, shamelessly black and sensual parts of me that society hadn't made space for, I made space for. I sing from that space of freedom and feel my most beautiful and confident in performance. **If you were able to summarize what the magical, 12 hour disco rave will entail with one sentence, what would you say it will be like?** The Garden of Sheden is a declaration of independence and a contribution to the future that we're working hard to manifest have described in 4 distinct visual references:  The Spice Girls "Say You'll be there" music video The Strawberry Social scene in,To Wong Foo Woodstock with Disco and deep house Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up 45's speech. **What compelled the creation of celebratory space like Garden of Sheden? Where did the name come from?**  It’s important to have spaces where people can live out their true self. A place where experimentation is welcomed and celebrated. We are all multi layered beings full of ideas, hopes and dreams, the Savage Ranch lets people go there without judgement. **The genesis of the Garden of Sheden is essentially this place of comfort in the middle of the desert where creativity can flow freely, what does it signify to you? Similarly, what did Lowlands in the Netherlands symbolize to you?**  Lowlands is very much a straight minded affair, so when the opportunity arose to have our queer space there, we had to take it. For 4 years now, it has shown that people feel the love of our community. It brakes down the gap society makes us believe there is, all feel welcome and are welcomed. The same goes for The Garden of Sheden. Come down and see for yourself, in the end we’re all human. **Did the move from Amsterdam to Temecula shift the creative process?**  In a way it did. It’s quite intense leaving structure behind and dive in the deep end. None of us really knew what would happen and we can only make up this balance once we return back home to Amsterdam. It’s for sure a memory that’ll last a lifetime and we’ll use the materials gathered in California for a long time to come. **What are some of the artists that will be at Garden of Sheden?**  All main members of our collective Supernature will be present: Doppelgang, MMIV and Eljany. We have some amazing local talent as well, such as John Briars, The National Security, Palma, Daeza and many more. **Garden of Sheden is very much a game-changer within itself, this inclusive platform for queer artists, a place where they can feel unbelivably comfortable in being themselves and being around others who are also creating art. How does it feel to marshall this vision, to watch it come to life?**  Coming home from a hard day at School to queer fairies slathered up in couture making art in my front lawn in broad daylight is the best sight to see. Fills me with so much joy and purpose. If I can offer just a glimmer of hope to someone going through it, then in the end all the hard work was worth it Click here for tickets! ![Click here for tickets!](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bcd34ce71b9f39d57451_image.png) [**Click here for tickets!**](https://restlessnites.com/events/sheden)