The Prada Foundation Presents "TV 70: Francesco Vezzoli guarda la Rai"

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Designer Francisco Costa once said that Milan is the city of discovery – and we sure do agree – because with that being said, doors recently opened to the exploring exhibition “TV 70: Francesco Vezzoli Guarda La Rai”, created by artist Francesco Vezzoli in collaboration with Italy’s national broadcasting company, Rai. Vezzoli dives into the ocean of historic Italian public television and explores the driving forces for social and political change in a country that was in transition from the radicality of the 1960’s to the hedonism of the 1980’s, when TV was the most powerful medium for cultural and identity creation. The project combines traditional museum exhibition standards –in three separate sections - with screenings of moving images and sequences from the Rai archives, along with the materiality of paintings, sculptures and installations. “With this project, I wanted to set a path that was risky and dense—one as difficult as the subject requires—but also entertaining and surreal. A true investigation of this contemporary custom and its roots, informed by today’s critical sensibilities: 1970s Italian television produced rituals and, as a consequence, absolute, long-lasting myths that still today, presented anew in this exhibition, can inspire us to make unconventional choices”, the artist states.  **The “TV 70: FRANCESCO VEZZOLI GUARDA LA RAI” exhibition will be presented at the Fondazione Prada art institute in Milan FROM May 9th to September 24th, 2017.**  Written by Emma Nicole Aderheim * * *