Flaunt Premiere | Sunset Rollercoaster- Villa (Jerry Paper Remix)

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[Sunset Rollercoaster](https://www.instagram.com/sunsetrollercoaster/?hl=en) are a trip in and of themselves. The Taiwanese soul-psych sonic group produces music to take you hand in hand on a spiritual journey full of mind-expanding stories and soulful synth elements. Their 7 minute concept EP, [_Vanilla Villa_](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gex2JGKDXIo)_,_ stretched to connect to listeners all across the globe. This spoke to the acknowledgment awarded to the band earlier this year at the 'Golden Melody Award’s',’ Taiwan’s equivalent of America’s Grammy’s. Today, fan and friend [Jerry Paper](https://www.instagram.com/jerrypaper_reality/?hl=en) remixed _Vanilla Villa_, and the result truly stopped me in my tracks. With psychedelic sounds that I can feel in my skin, this remix is sure to be on repeat until further notice. To elevate sounds of already astral proportion is no easy feat, but Jerry Paper’s remix shows that the connection of Sunset Rollercoaster’s music to the space between the headphones is a psychic phenomena beyond the physical. Listen below to get a little taste. To sum up these production prodigies of worldly power in just one paragraph is simply silly, so check out our interview below to get the full lowdown. * * * _Tell me a bit about Sunset Rollercoaster in general. How did you all meet? Would you consider yourself a family now?_ We all used to hang out around south Taipei, there was a bar / venue called Underworld, bands playing there during weekend, we met there, dreaming about one day we will have our own band, and Sunset Rollercoaster is one of the crystallized dream. Well, I don’t know if I would say we are a family now, but I always say that we are sailers, on a ship of love that wandering on the immense sea of amazing music, heading to the ultimate joy. _How does it feel to be a worldwide phenomena? Would you say music serves as a universal language?_ The feeling is beyond words, we are still trying to figure out what’s going on here. Honestly, it’s so lucky that the world would like join our journey for a bit. Music is definitely a universal language from my point of view. Music and sounds can deliver some messages that civilized language cannot do. Sometimes music makes me feel like I’m still an animal- feel like I’m a lonely whale living under the deep ocean, but trying my best to reach out the world. _How would you all describe your sound?_ Organic symphony of tropical city, sounds mixed from scooter’s engines, afternoon rain, breezes after the rain, murmur from midnight lovers. _How does it feel to be able to connect with other artists and ultimately result in them remixing your song?_ It’s beautiful, music bring us together, we make babies of music, and babies make even more babies with fresh vibes. When I listened to Jerry Paper’s remix of our song _Villa_ for the first time, I just couldn’t stop smiling. It’s full of energy, wiggling too hard, I love it. _Congrats on winning your Golden Melody Award! Was this a moment that made you feel like your hard work has been worth it?_ Thank you so much! Golden Melody Award is one of the biggest ceremony of Mando-Pop scene in Asia, and getting the award as a band singing in English is such a honor. Awards for us are like saving points of our endless journey of music. It’s not the goal, but it’s always nice to look back from what we’ve done to the world. _When you’re not producing music, what are you guys doing together?_ Upgrading ourselves through working out in the gym, and probably having great foods together.  _What’s next for Sunset Rollercoaster?_ We will release a cover song from the golden era of Mando-pop in Taiwan, which will be our first Mandarin song. We are also working on some new materials for the next EP, or maybe even a new album! * * * [**SUNSET ROLLERCOASTER**](https://www.sunsetrollercoaster.com/) **'BUSINESS TRIP TOUR' 2019 - US DATES** Oct 10.- Washington, DC - [Pie Shop DC](https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/4626199/sunset-rollercoaster-washington-pie-shop) SOLD OUT Oct 11 - Philadelphia, PA - [Johnny Brenda’s](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-rollercoaster-tickets-61310513396) Oct 12 - NYC - [Le Poisson Rouge](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-rollercoaster-tickets-61579540062) SOLD OUT Oct 13 - Allston, MA - [Great Scott](http://axs.com/events/374719/sunset-rollercoaster-tickets?skin=greatscott) SOLD OUT Oct 15 - Montreal, QC - [Ritz PDB](https://courage.electrostub.com/event.cfm?cart&id=208199) Oct 16 - Toronto, ON - [Drake Hotel](https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1860261?utm_medium=bks) SOLD OUT Oct 17 - Detroit, MI - [Deluxe Fluxx](https://sunsetrollercoaster.eventbrite.com/) Oct 18 - Chicago, IL - [Empty Bottle](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-rollercoaster-the-empty-bottle-tickets-61186074195) Oct 19 - Minneapolis, MN - [7th Street Entry](https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/2332614/sunset-rollercoaster-minneapolis-7th-st-entry) Oct 22 - Seattle, WA - [Sunset](https://www.ticketweb.com/event/the-crocodile-presents-sunset-rollercoaster-sunset-tavern-tickets/9481345?pl=sunset) SOLD OUT Oct 23 - Portland, OR - [Doug Fir Lounge](https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1846945) Oct 25 - San Francisco, CA - [Slims](https://sunsetrollercoasterslims10252019.eventbrite.com/) Oct 26 - Los Angeles, CA - [The Roxy](http://axs.com/events/375541/sunset-rollercoaster-tickets) - SOLD OUT Oct 28 - Los Angeles, CA - [The Roxy](https://www.theroxy.com/events/detail/381942) Oct 27 - San Diego, CA - [Soda Bar](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-rollercoaster-tickets-61182964895) Oct 29 - Pomona, CA - [Rooftop @ Fox Theatre](https://foxtowerofterror.eventbrite.com/) Oct 31 - Tijuana, MX - [Moustache](https://sunsetrollercoaster-tj.boletia.com/)