D’Arcy Opens Up About Her Sobriety & Queerness in ‘Hard to Kill’ EP

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D'arcyFLAUNT.jpg ![D'arcyFLAUNT.jpg](https://cdn.prod.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472d6de192b95754b7da24a_D%2527arcyFLAUNT.jpeg) Badass, confident, and a little tongue-in-cheek, NYC rocker D’Arcy tells it like it is. An outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and sobriety, the up-and-coming alternative artist opens up about her struggle with addiction and her road to recovery in her upcoming EP, _Hard to Kill_. The show-stopping debut takes listeners on a journey through young love, self-empowerment, addiction, and heartache... with remarkable grace. Powerful, irreverent, moody, and at times witty too, _Hard to Kill_ takes listeners through a full range of emotions, sounds, and narratives.  _Flaunt_ sat down with the rockstar herself this week for a chat about her new single, “Hard To Kill” off her upcoming _HARD TO KILL_ EP, her sobriety and LGBTQ status, and her work with the iconic fringe arts and culture magazine, DRØME.  **What's the inspiration behind the single "Hard To Kill”? Why did you choose it as the title track to your new EP?**  Hard to Kill is about resilience. There’s immense strength and power that comes from making it out of a really dark place, feeling better than ever. I chose that as the title track because of the tone it sets for the EP as a whole: it's badass, confident and a little bit irreverent. The name suggests that there’s a latent darkness. There’s still some kind of battle, internal or external, where more obstacles must be overcome in order to survive—hence why it’s called “hard to kill” not “impossible to kill.” **You started DRØME which initially featured Billie Eilish and Sofi Tukker, and is now launching your own music. How did this come about?**  I was extremely fortunate to get to work with Billie, Sofi Tukker, and other amazing artists, by featuring them in the magazine several years ago. This year, I decided to transition DRØME into a media company. I’m beginning this process by launching my own music through DRØME. Exciting things are ahead and hopefully in the near future we can begin to launch other artists as well. **How does multitasking affect the way you write music?** I’m always working on at least 3 full projects at once. I’m in the process of pitching out my first feature film script, among other projects. There’s so much crossover between music and other art forms that it feels impossible to confine myself to one medium. The important thing is to be able to stay healthy and balanced and know when to take breaks and go to sleep. It’s very important to know when to focus on one project over the others, otherwise the work becomes too chaotic and then nothing ever gets finished. **You're outspoken about your sobriety and your LGBTQ status in your new EP, seems like it has an impact on your writing. Can you elaborate?**  Representation in these areas is obviously really important. 5 years ago, I didn’t know that “sobriety” was a thing (especially for young people). Growing up, there were only a handful of LGBTQ musicians I knew of. I’d be very glad if these elements of the EP resonate with listeners. That said when I wrote the EP, I drew from experiences I’ve had and/or emotions I’ve felt. While dating a girl and getting sober are not experiences that everyone can relate to, having a crush on someone and feeling defeated are pretty universal feelings. It’s very important for me to not think about how other people might receive my music while I'm writing it, or else it becomes dishonest and contrived. So these personal attributes have impacted my work insofar as they have shaped my own experiences and emotions. Check out D’Arcy’s stunning new single _“_Hard To Kill” off her debut _Hard To Kill_ EP, out now!