Flaunt Premiere | Collapsing Scenery "New World Borders" (feat. DAM)

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In an anticipation for their debut album _Stress Positions_ dropping on June 21st,  [Collapsing Scenery](https://www.instagram.com/collapsingscenery/?hl=it) has released the video for "New World Borders" (feat. DAM). The video melds a frantic, danceable, and politically charged anthem with vibrant visuals and impressive choreography. When DAM’s [Tamer Nafar](https://www.instagram.com/tamer_nafar/) hops on the track for a verse, he segues lyrically into his own experiences as a Palestinian regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The group says, "We’ve wanted to collaborate with DAM ever since we became aware of their music and activism. This song was the obvious choice as it deals with subjects they’ve addressed their work, namely the refugee experience and the hypocrisy of western policy in the Middle East. Tamer’s verse, with brutal and comic ferocity, spits fire at the wise old men of US foreign affairs who destabilized swaths of the region before slamming our doors shut on the masses of innocent people displaced by our arrogance." _Stress Positions_ may be Collapsing Scenery’s debut album, but they are already turning heads of fellow artists. They have collaborated with James Chance and filmmaker Richard Kern, and will soon be releasing remixes with Genesis P-Orridge, Money Mark of Beastie Boys fame, and Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux.