Collapsing Scenery | Angkar - Black Bananas Remixes
Photographed by Rick Rodney ![Photographed by Rick Rodney](https://assets-global.website-files.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472be0f7f65aff26cae2116_cs.jpeg) Photographed by Rick Rodney [Collapsing Scenery](https://instagram.com/collapsingscenery), the experimental brain child of Don De Vore and Reggie Debris straddles the gap between music, art, film, and politics, with their musical protests. Since their conception in 2013 “under a pall of paranoia and disgust,” the duo has lead the expedition through experimental punk and electronic discipline through their curation of juxtaposed layers and evoking lyrics.  Their music serves as their ode to their traverse experiences around the world and the cultures they have immersed their selves in.     The explorative pair creates a musical tapestry woven from sonically dense soundscapes, objective passion, and spirit of political urgency.  Their latest release, “Angkar” has been reworked by Black Bananas, the most recent project by Jennifer Herrema, giving the track its innovative R&B edge.  Lyrically, the duo dive deep into the historical term “Angkar,” which was one of the many names of the Khmer Rouge.  Reggie Debris shares, “We take that notion of senselessness, so extreme and explicit under Pol Pot, and expand it to include any individual who is far away from the centers of power but bears the brunt of the violence of war.”