Flaunt presents CLAVO An Experimental Arts Space

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Last night, nascent experimental art collective and space, [**CLAVO**](http://clavo.space), in association with **FLAUNT**, christened its lofty space with an opening exhibition featuring emerging and established artists ranging from paintings to photography. Artworks graced the alabaster walls, enrapturing guests, who in addition to appreciating the artistic spectacle, were equally refreshed by the light and frothy Pisco Sours from [**Tabernero Pisco**](http://www.tc-specialties.com/) and [**Peroni**](http://www.peroniitaly.com/age-gate). Tastebuds were satiated by the delightful accompanying Peruvian ceviche and braised beef from gastronomic locals, [**Los Balcones del Peru**](http://www.losbalconesperu.com). Works by artists including **Abel Adrián, Beatriz Gómez, Carldrian Hergo, Garret Suhrie, Jacobo Parra, Jvdas Berra, Lewis Gtzr, Paul M. Glaser, Tania Riera,** and **Vijat Mohindra** were showcased, while a soundtrack by in-house DJ’s **WaterSports** and **BJ Panda Bear** pulsed hard in the background.  * * * Photographed by [Drew Pluta](https://www.instagram.com/drewpluta/). See more of CLAVO at [www.clavo.space](http://www.clavo.space/). CLAVO is an art gallery space and online art store by 212 Productions® – [www.212productions.com](https://www.212productions.com). unnamed-1.jpg ![unnamed-1.jpg](https://global-uploads.webflow.com/62ee0bbe0c783a903ecc0ddb/6472bc57bf8d69c72a89f41d_unnamed-1.jpeg)