Catherine Fulmer | Q&A

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The [Catherine Fulmer Collection](https://catherinefulmer-457c85.easywp.com) features luxury womenswear and made-to-order pieces, with garments meeting at a crossroad of modernized rock ‘n’ roll and chic elegance. The collection relies heavily on music inspiration to create unique pieces, such as the [customized bomber jackets](https://catherinefulmer-457c85.easywp.com/product/custom-satin-bomber/) or the ever so popular “[Bowie Bomber](https://catherinefulmer-457c85.easywp.com/product/the-bowie-bomber/).” The designer of the eponymously-titled collection touches on what influences the creation of the eccentric designs. We took a moment to hang and get to know the designer from her influences, coveted pieces, as well as who her ultimate girl is. * * * **Where do you pull inspiration from when you are creating pieces?** Friends, music and whatever mood I happen to be in. Different moods and the different chapters/life experiences and obstacles have created very different collections. Always the 90's. **Do you have a fashion icon or celebrity that influences the style of your work?** Not really anymore. My friends really inspire me and thankfully I lived in NY when I did. I really think the people I was surrounded by have more style and still inspire me more than anyone. Kate The Great is up there too. **In what ways does music influence the designs and style of your collection?** Music is a huge influence. I think you can see I love Rock N Roll in my collections at least that's what people tell me? I really do love music and I think it comes through naturally in each collection. Nothing's contrived. I've been a huge music lover since I was six years old. My older brother had me playing Metallica riffs around seven. I had a collection called Anglophilia years back in NY. It was very emo and dark just like that chapter in my life/post breakup. Feelings galore. Oof! **What style or trend do you think should be left in 2018 and what do you think will be popular in 2019?** Chunky platforms and chunky/platform tennis shoes. They do nothing for me or the person wearing them. I'm not sure what will be popular in 2019 however, for ladies, I hope the trends are feminine, tasteful and sexy all in one. You can make sportswear all those three things even if done right. **What is the most unique thing about the Catherine Fulmer Collection? How would you describe the archetypal Catherine Fulmer girl?** The custom jackets are probably the most unique and are made to order. I do like the new hosiery and accessories coming out and I'm currently working on a very exciting new project with an amazing company, but it's underwraps until their new flagship opens, but I can definitely say it's very unique. The CF girl is confident, passionate, fearless, and loves music. I'd like to say by wearing one of my pieces she's living her "best life." **What are your favorite and least favorite parts about designing?** Stress of getting things done on time and production as a whole. I do it all and the designing is a joy. The business side of it is not fun at all and nor is the production end. Fabrics, colors, and seeing the pieces come to life is beautiful. **What is your most valued piece that you have created and why?** My wrap top I have framed. It was the first piece I created that Patricia Field stopped me in while I was still a design student in NY. I got my first $500 check from her for an article of clothing. That was one of the greatest days of my life. **What does 2019 have in store for the collection?** 2019 has a lot in store and I've already had an amazing first month! So happy with this year's progress already and I've met so many inspiring artists, and am working with all of them on different projects. So you'll have to wait and see... * * * Photos courtesy of [Aaron Feaver](https://www.instagram.com/feaverish/?hl=en)