CALIHASH / Well, California, It's About Time!

![Alt Text](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/56c346b607eaa09d9189a870/1598052268050-WOP5CQ509XTWBPDB1D7G/muhammed-fayiz-p-rI_O6cZZU-unsplash.jpg) Not long after the legalization of cannabis in California, I wandered into a garishly lit “caregiver” in DTLA. Various products lined walls and featured beneath glass cases. Oils, rubs, vapors, flowers, chewables, and snacks beyond imagination. A beatific cannabis bounty! This was going to be a special and emancipating experience! “Hey, you got any hash?” I ask one of the many sales associates, who instead of guiding me to a corner of marvelous offerings, looks at me like I’ve asked if he’s secured the location for the Pope’s nine-hour bong session. “Hash?” he asks, then shrugs his shoulders and recommends a local diner known for its fried potatoes and omelettes. I leave dejectedly, wondering how the cannabis boom in the Golden State has neglected one of horticulture’s more storied, mythical yields. My memories float back to beaches in Thailand, Barcelona, Panama, mango shakes in India, all hazy and warm and surreal. Was I dreaming that? Isn’t that what everyone was enjoying? Wasn’t hash, like, globally famous?
Derived from a cannabinoid separation process, hashish, or hash, is effectively a cannabis resin. And it’s been enjoyed for centuries, notably in Northern India (where said mango shakes were consumed) and other corners of the globe. So why wasn’t this product, which can feature a different effect, a different sort of plane achieved than conventional marijuana, being pushed alongside all this other marijuana hype? Perhaps because, sometimes, the obvious eludes us. Enter CALIHASH, a company specializing in ice water hash experiences and products. By using water, CALIHASH’s extraction process is gentle, free of solvents and doesn’t muddle the hell out of the original cannabis. And it’s awesome. Smooth, cool, and what I remember from those days when I guess I had.. less responsibility? CALIHASH offers a wealth of pre-rolls, droplets, and cute little canisters of goodness, and I’d recommend adding them to your 2020 list of absolute essentials.