Yeek | Sends his “ETA2”

Babe, I’m on the Way

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Bree Castillo

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Photographed by Saru Hagher

Yeek is on the way. The artist returns with his first single “ETA2” with LA duo, Paris Texas, for his upcoming full-length offering. "ETA2" sends an ode to the misty and snappy youthfulness of his earlier offerings while fusing the scapes of experimental rock sentimentalities and LA rap lore. "ETA2" glides with subversive guitar and woozy soundscapes to create a gentle force for Yeek and Paris Texas' effortless quips.

In the first installation of “ETA,”  from his last album Valencia, he says, “I’ma send my location.” And now, his follow-up track takes a more intentional approach, “Put the address in the GPS. Babe, I’m on the way.” Expected to be his most fully realized body of work, Yeek seems to know exactly where he is going.  Amidst a hopeful summer, see here the artist reflecting on his evolution.

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What inspired you to respond to your previous track "ETA" with "ETA2"? Do you believe in sequels and second chances? 

I wanted to create a series out of “ETA” where I featured different rappers every time. I plan on having it be a reoccurring theme in my projects. I like sequels but giving second chances, maybe not so much.

Can you describe the dynamic with Paris Texas working on this track? How did you know that Paris Texas was the right group to help you complete the sound you imagined? 

Working with Louie on this track was super effortless. It probably took us like 2 hours to record & complete. It almost felt like the old days when I was just making music to post on SoundCloud the second I finished making a song. Paris Texas is just one of those groups that are a breath of fresh air & it just felt right to have them join in on "ETA"

What feelings are you having going into this release and your upcoming full-length project? How does it continue or depart from Valencia

I feel relieved and also the good kind of anxious. There’s this feeling you get when the music is done and it’s time to do all the fun stuff that comes around it like visuals and create imagery that compliments the music. At least it’s fun for me. I think this project is all the things I would have added, changed, or rearranged about Valencia while at the same time feeling like it’s just an overall evolution from everything I’ve made before.

What ideas or worlds do you find yourself coming back to? 

I always find myself coming back to the idea of making music that creates its own movie and world for you to explore through little easter eggs. 

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Yeek, ETA2