Woody Creek Distillers | Macy Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey

An expression from actor and rye aficionado, William H. Macy.

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Ani Gutierrez

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Woody Creek Distillers added its newest addition to its vast collection of award-winning spirits: the William H. Macy Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey. Actor William H. Macy personally selected this limited edition, 10-year-aged rye after developing a friendship with the distillery’s co-founders, Mark Kleckner and Patrick Scanlan. Referencing the new expression, Mark Kleckner says, “We always dreamed of releasing a 10-year-old whiskey expression when our first barrels were placed into our rackhouse back in Spring 2013.” Having had a revelation after tasting this finely-aged whiskey, William H. Macy instantly knew he had an instant favorite. Macy says, “I used to think there was magic in the world, now I know it. I hope everyone enjoys Macy Reserve as much as I do and I’m proud that it bears my name.”

Exclusively crafted using local Colorado grains along with the fresh drops of the Rocky Mountain water, Macy Reserve radiates a fragrant scent of nutty, autumnal spices paired with a hint of burnt citrus. With a clean and dry finish, this drink makes for an array of possible fusions, though Macy says he personally enjoys it neat or over a large cube of ice. 

Macy has been involved with the distillery for years now, serving as their official “spokesdude.” Having their home roots in Colorado acting as common ground for the Macy and the distillery’s co-founders, this collaboration flourished due to Macy contributing potatoes from his fields to be distilled into Woody Creek’s vodka and gins.  While Macy continues taking on the role of rye enthusiast and spokesdude within the world of Woody Creek, the distillery aims to continue appealing to whiskey enthusiasts across the nation by creating the Woody Creek Distillers Whiskey Club, which will be officially announced in 2024. 

Macy Reserve’s limited edition bottle is now available for purchase on their website. 

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