Pairing is Caring | Woodford Reserve Double Oaked x Compartés Chocolates

Cheers to meaningful pairings!

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Bennett DiDonna

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Images Courtesy Woodford Reserve and Compartés Chocolates

Lovely dovey season is upon us, and here at the Flaunt offices we are always looking for the perfect coupling for our amore, partner, lover, wifey, boytoy, spring fling, or all of the above. Here we pride ourselves on pursuing the intersections of fashion, art, music, sports, culture, outsider anything and everything, with the idea that bringing together diverse perspectives amounts to a sum greater than its parts.

It is this very ethos that connected Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall and Compartés Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm, who teamed up to create a limited edition chocolate collection. The collaboration both draws on and compliments Woodford's Double Oaked expression. Butterscotch, Pear Nutmeg, Oak Smoked Salt Caramel and Maple Pecan, melding with the rich velvety mouth feel and and profile of the oak barrel finished bourbon.

Shop the Compartés Woodford Reserve Chocolate Gift Box HERE and cheers to meaningful pairings! 

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