Wallice | Bringing Sentiment to the El Rey

Her biggest headlining show in LA

Written by

Cerys Davies

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Behind the iconic red velvet curtains of the El Rey, reflective silver balloons fill the stage, band members wear vintage goggles, and Wallice prepares for her biggest headlining show in Los Angeles to date. The curtains open and reveal Wallice dressed in a Diesel set made entirely of reflective silver material – perfectly matching the balloons floating behind her. The crowd sprinkled with Party City cowboy hats lights up with excitement.

Wallice begins her set and the flow from each song to the next is artfully untraceable. It might have to do with the similar sound and vibe carried within each rhythm, but it was astonishing how many songs she could weave together seamlessly. One second the crowd was swaying back and forth to a soft acoustic song and the next song she was encouraging the crowd to scream angrily with her. 

The jazz school dropout’s sound is composed of witty, thematic lyrics, a stereotypical indie  sounding guitar and a prominent, even overpowering drum line. But the execution and production of her sound is what makes her stand out amongst the sea of the bedroom pop female artists. Embracing moments of heavy guitar riffs and often a substantial emphasis on many of her choruses, the live band allowed the audience to gain a deeper appreciation for the instrumentation and composition of her songs.

When it comes to stage presence, Wallice had all of the bullet points down pat. Utilize the whole stage. Make eye contact with the crowd. Talk and engage with the audience. But on occasion, some of her movements felt calculated beyond a sense of authenticity. She was still able to connect with her fans and put on an overall great show. But it would be even better to see her loosen up and play her guitar a little more often in the future. 

The Angeleno singer songwriter is currently finishing up her tour for her most recent EP, “Mr Big Shot.” Now with three full length EP’s under her belt and more than a few memorable tracks, Wallice has established herself as someone to keep an eye on. 

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