Vitesse X | Ever-Present New Track, “Right Now” 

All we can do is wait.

Written by

Bree Castillo

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With every new day, we are unraveling the tendrils of what lies within us–slowly but surely untangling the wisps of truth and understanding that have yet to be revealed. And with all of time’s ever-present components, it might be difficult to feel the present...to really sit in and live every breath.

See now, Vitesse X’s latest offering “Right Now” from her new self-made label, Music Website, serving as a reminder to save and savor each moment. The NY-based artist returns with her ever-flowing ethereal odyssey into liminal spaces, full of subtle flourishes, gently touched strings, and fragmented vocals. Almost as channeling the changing tides of every second, Vitesse lays her breathless sentimentalities atop a bed of vapory aesthetics and sugary sweet electronics.

Accompanied with a music video directed by Vitesse X and Chris Burden shot an old Sony VX2100e in Montauk, "Right Now" follows Vitesse's journey into an mimetic approach where life mimics art. “In July, I took a trip overseas, and while I was there, I hiked up a mountain to watch the sunrise. For me, there has always been something so pure, grounding, spiritual even, about being alone in nature, watching the dawn break. When I got back, I decided I wanted to start a song by imagining myself back in this place, and to just soundtrack the moment.” Vitesse shares, “When I listen back to this song, I see that it is about reclaiming the current moment amidst the constant go-go-go. Fighting against the addiction to the race, to get back to the now.”

There are moments we wish we could speed past while we await for what’s to come: the moment before two hands touch, a ride in an elevator, the last breath before a scream. But our time here is measured, and we must cherish what little we have. When are seconds are lost in the silence, Vitesse shares that all we can do is wait.

You can catch Vitesse X at her headline show in Brooklyn at the Marker Hotel.

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