Vincent Darby Makes a Grand Entrance to R&B

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Vincent Darby concludes his North American tour in Toronto at the Drake hotel for a special EP release show. His new EP FOR WHEN IT’S OVER releases after gracing stages at SXSW, NYC, and LA. The six song EP follows the release of his uptempo single “Rogue”; which Vincent paints a picture of the irresistible allure of forbidden love. The official video for “Rogue” captures the feeling and vibe of blasting music in your car on a night drive through the city.

Watch The “Rogue” Official Video:

While "Rogue" embodies Vincent's commitment to pushing the boundaries of R&B and Pop, it also serves as the lead track off his eagerly anticipated EP. Vincent says about the EP, “I started the process back in 2016 and I called the EP ‘FOR WHEN IT’S OVER’ to document what love/lust feels like within this generation of quick attention spans and dating apps. In a world of instant gratification, genuine fulfillment in love doesn’t really exist.” The EP encapsulates these sentiments in under 20 minutes, reflecting on intense yet short-lived relationships, now normalized in our society.

The tracklisting for FOR WHEN IT’S OVER is:

  1. Rogue 
  2. Come Down 
  3. More 
  4. We Could Be 
  5. Pulling Thru  

Although the EP is called FOR WHEN IT’S OVER, this is only the beginning for Vincent Darby!

FOR WHEN IT’S OVER is available on all major streaming platforms. Follow Vincent Darby on social media for updates on his latest releases and upcoming projects.

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Vincent Darby, hailing from a small town near Birmingham, England, emerges as a beacon of musical innovation in the Pop and R&B genres, drawing from his soulful upbringing to craft unforgettable melodies that captivate audiences worldwide. Inspired by his Jamaican heritage and introduced to music at a young age by his radio DJ grandfather, Vincent's journey has taken him from karaoke bars showcasing his electrifying voice; influenced by legends like Marvin Gaye and modern icons such as Beyoncé. His career milestones include a sold-out headline performance at The Jazz Cafe in London and a coveted spot at BBC Radio 1's big weekend festival. With hits like "We Could Be" resonating globally and earning acclaim from MTV and BET, Vincent's newest single "Rogue" sets the stage for his forthcoming EP, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the realm of pop and R&B, captivating audiences with each electrifying note.

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Vincent Darby, Rogue