Thom Yorke & Stanley Donwood | Under The Silver Moon

One of 25 Art Covers Created for Flaunt's 25th Anniversary Issue

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Thom Yorke & Stanley Donwood. “Let Us Raise Our Glasses To What We Don’t Deserve” (2023). Tempera, Gouache, And Gesso On Linen. 43.3 X 43.3 Inches. Courtesy The Artists And Tin Man Art.

How do you relate to the phrase, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’?

Thom: I am suspicious of superficial dim optimism. More like, ‘There is a dim possibility that things may happen for a reason, at least some of the time while, even if we don’t understand (as conscious entities) why right now… after all there is only right now...You’re welcome.’ 

Stanley: To that, I take out my can of patented cliché remover and spray liberally. I would add that if every cloud has a silver lining then it would follow that life is a bowl of fucking cherries which it patently is not.

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