The Snow Lodge | Welcome To Your Winter Oasis

Celebrating Five Years In Aspen

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Mariam Bagdady

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Courtesy of The Snow Lodge

Feel the winter breeze on your skin and glance at the subtle way snow lands at your feet. Imagination can soar in this white oasis and with this imagination comes a long line of experiences just waiting to be lived. Enter The Snow Lodge: an après-ski sanctuary located in winter wonderland hot-spot Aspen, Colorado. Celebrating its fifth season in Aspen, the lodge is home to a variety of curated experiences, including weekly concerts, luxury pop-ups, and the best of fine wine and dining.

This 2024 season welcomes a new slate of programs for The Snow Lodge. Much of what awaits in this winter tide haven spans luxurious dining from the newest chic Italian restaurant, intimate music experiences featuring artists such as Diplo and Bob Moses, and a newly designed, ultra-sexy Jade Room. Exclusivity is a priority for the lodge, meaning guests are sure to leave this cozy hideaway with new, unforgettable memories. And also see its Hamptons counterpart, The Surf Lodge.

From skiing and snowboarding in the great outdoors to the intimate experiential programs, The Snow Lodge is a blend of all that is to come in the culinary, art, fashion, and music realm of relaxation.

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