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Introducing the "House Blend" culture and events calendar

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Maria Kyriakos

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Just a few miles from the bustling city streets of Central London stands a comfortable and chic hotel that boasts the makings of a private club.  The Other House South Kensington serves as an oasis to the city; if it feels like it's your own place you're crashing at-that is the exact ethos behind this unique London hotel. The Other House South Kensington has become the praised destination for cultural offerings for both members and guests. Their street cafe, The Other Kitchen, and their destination cocktail bar Owl & Monkey, are popular favorites.

Their latest addition to the Open House Universe is 'House Blend' - their new culture and events calendar 2024 for the Resident’s Club. The roster of activities sprinkled throughout the year include VIP DJ sets, aperitivo hours, jazz brunches, and BTS access to Royal Albert Hall. The eclectic catalog of events is nothing short of a vibrant list, emulating the equally as vibrant decor visitors will have the pleasure of viewing as they wander through the elegantly ornamented walls and numerous themed sitting areas.

Since its opening in July of 2022, The Other House has redefined the hospitality market with a refreshing new style of hotel, combining apartment-style living with access to an exclusive private club. Pulling inspiration from its famed corner of the capital city, The Other House has taken its artistic and historical elements surrounding it and incorporated those characteristics into a space that exudes an intentional presence. Transporting guests to an otherworldly setting is a part of the experience. Take the library for starters: the book selection is carefully curated, including titles from Candice Carty-Williams via Charles Dickens.

With a penchant for embracing authenticity and defining a new scene, House Blend will follow this novelty by mixing live performances, holistic well-being, and one-off events for guests to enjoy during their free time. Whether they are staying the weekend or for the year, guests will have access to the new features and original offerings.

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