The Life x CFCF | Warped "Grace" Remix


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Liam Kozak

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The Life, brainchild of Curtis Everett Pawley (½ of The Ion Pack and poster boy for every other party in New York City), just shared a warped remix of their debut single “Grace.” That single, which debuted earlier this year to acclaim from Nylon, NME, and others, has been twisted and turned on its head in the best way possible by Canadian electronic artist CFCF. That track, originally reminiscent of 90s and 00s avant-garde art-pop, has been transmogrified into a club banger whose bass will be thumping around your head like a woodpecker in a birdhouse days after you get home from Bella Ciao or Nowadays or whatever abandoned warehouse in whatever metropolis you live in.  

The Life, however, has been a buzz band in New York long before the release of “‘Grace” due to the energy of the live shows, which earned them opening spots for The 1975 and Beach Fossils. Which might be due to small, indie publications such as the New York Times referring to Pawley as one of the most influential New Yorkers in the city.

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