The Heaven | Divine Intervention by way of Highland Park

Alt rock band releases debut single, “Indiana”

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Liam Kozak

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Photographed by Keegan Burckhard

It’s been said that heaven is a place on Earth. Is it blasphemous to suggest that it might be in Highland Park? The Heaven, a modern rock band hailing from The Eastside of Los Angeles, descended onto the scene last week to bless us with their debut single “Indiana” and it’s already buzzing in the city of angels.

The group–comprising seasoned multi-instrumentalists Preston Bell, Desiree Sabri and Harrison Spencer–was actually ‘formed’ officially in Austin, where the group met while playing in separate bands at the SXSW Music Festival. Divine intervention at its finest, the group came back to L.A. and began working on The Heaven. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of sources, The Heaven seamlessly melds the production stylings of modern luminaries like Whitearmor and Vegyn, the ethereal soundscapes of 90s shoegaze icons My Bloody Valentine and Spiritualized, and the timeless storytelling of 60s legends Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons. With ample experience from past and present members of indie stalwarts No Vacation and Ekkstacy, The Heaven’s music offers a fresh interpretation of transcendent guitar-driven compositions.

Their debut single, “Indiana,” succinctly encapsulates these inspirations into a refined product worthy of worship. Brimming with an aggressive rhythm section, soaring guitar melodies, and introspective vocals, “Indiana” is an instant earworm that captures the essence of the band’s signature sound. The soundscape, a unique coalescence of alternative and pop music, lays the perfect foundation for the song’s lyrics–paint strokes in an honest and sonic portrait of love. Delving into failed long-distance relationships, the bittersweet ache of heartbreak, and the desire to rekindle lost love even for a fleeting moment–the song outlines a relatable truth about the emotions we experience as people, and the necessity in experiencing them.

Finding good alternative rock music that retains potential for algorithm-driven pop playlists is like finding a needle in a haystack, so thank Flaunt when you’re done listening. With an authenticity that resonates, “Indiana” is set to establish The Heaven as a formidable presence in Los Angeles’ music scene. Speaking of Los Angeles, they’re supposedly having a secret show this Saturday (8/19) so make sure to ask your cooler friends if they’ve heard anything.

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