The Donum Estate | Gift of the land

Indulge in pinot noir and world-class art

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Cerys Davies

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Photographed by Kim Carroll

As one of the first wineries in Sonoma county area to achieve regenerative organic certification, The Donum Estate has made a name for itself with its famous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Since being recognized with the highest level of organic certification for the ability to work with the land instead of against it, Donum is focused on sustainable farming without compromising the quality of their wine. The commitment to their land pays off as their Pinot Noir was named a Top 5 by Wine Spectator.

Donum CEO Angelica de Vere Mabray states, “Our pursuit of excellence and ensuring quality in all that we do begins with stewardship of the land. We believe that in order for our land to express everything it has to say, it needs to be alive, so we have created an environment in which life can thrive.” 

While sipping on a glass of the infamous Pinot Noir, you are immersed into one of the largest accessible private sculpture collections in the world. Artworks from artists Keith Haring to Louise Bourgeois, and Subodh Gupta are displayed all throughout the estate. The continually growing collection highlights global artists’ interpretations of scale, nature, and imagination.

In continuing their mission of making top-notch chardonnay and pinot noir in Northern California, Donum branches outside of Sonoma County for the first time with the acquisition of Savoy Vineyard. The 52 acre property will help expand its wine portfolio and allow the estate to continue studying the terrior. At Savoy, Donum will begin to apply sustainability practices that help improve biodiversity, vine health, and lowering water intake. 

With a certain dedication to the land, to the quality of their product, and to world-class art, Donum Estate creates a global community and an experience like no other. 

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The Donum Estate, Sonoma County, Cerys Davies