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Mixing reinvention and classic Atlanta.

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Gabriella Madden

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Courtesy of The Darwin Hotel

The Darwin Hotel, a new boutique property located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, features an abundance of pet-friendly rooms and specialty themed suites. The specialty suites all have different themes, ranging from movies, vinyl records, to suites made for hanging with friends or girls’ nights out.

When you walk into the Audiophile Room, you’re greeted by a wall of vinyl records with classic albums by Taylor Swift to Elvis Presley. You can choose a record of your choice from a crate, and enjoy the music with a great sound system, all in the comfort of your room. The Glam Night Out (GNO) Room features vanities for you and all your friends, so no one is hogging all the time in the bathroom getting ready for a night out in Atlanta’s hippest neighborhood.

The marketplace in the hotel features a finely curated collection of Atlanta’s best, with products ranging from art, woodworking, design, jewelry, coffee,music, clothing, locally made drinks and snacks, and more. If you pay a visit to the lounge, you’ll be served either coffee and fresh pastries from Alon’s Bakery for breakfast in the morning, or a craft bar that serves local favorites in the evening. The hotel also offers a pop-up chef program, with chefs from all over Atlanta taking over the hotel kitchen with a special menu, on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, which is launching soon. 

The Darwin showcases Atlanta like never before, channeling the essence of reinvention while still paying homage to the Old Fourth Ward, showing all it has to offer while curating a wonderful experience for guests. 

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The Darwin, Atlanta