The Aster | Warmth and Relaxation in the Heart of Hollywood

A new take on members' clubs.

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Positioned above the hustle and bustle of Vine St. and Yucca St., against the rolling backdrop that is the Hollywood Hills, sits a six-story, 95,000-square-foot building known as The Aster. The Aster doubles as both a service-driven members’ club and a boutique hotel, co-founded by David Bowd and Kevin O’Shea, who found success in hospitality with their award-winning, family-owned business, Salt Hotels. Amenities include a rooftop, restaurants, social areas, wellness activities, and entertainment events. These are all necessary in accomplishing a specific vision—their goal with The Aster was and is to create a warm space for members and guests to activate their minds and bodies, to work, relax, and stay within the commotion of the most populated city in California.

Flaunt spoke with Bowd and O’Shea about their vision for The Aster and its purpose in Los Angeles. 

How is the Los Angeles community reflected in The Aster?

We are excited to be at the heart of Hollywood, where the location is legendary and there is a robust and diverse community. We are committed to having very strong community ties from local purchasing, recruitment and hiring, partnerships and charitable support on all our properties - The Aster is no different and we have been making strong local connections that have been helping all businesses and enriching our members' experience.

How does The Aster maintain inclusivity in tandem with membership?

From the start we have not defined our membership by traditional rules or requirements like job titles, industries or finances, instead we are community building and creating a dynamic group of people that maybe don’t feel represented by other offerings in the market or who thrive on meeting new and interesting folks from various disciplines.  That diversity is a common thread throughout the club, within our own team and our Programming.  

What are your upcoming plans for The Aster in terms of expansion—physically and socially?

We have so many great Programming initiatives planned for 2023, which will include more on the wellness front, great entertainment, unique educational programs and community initiatives which will help us expand our impact beyond the walls of the club.  We are also looking to expand a few spaces within the club as our membership continues to grow.

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