Sotheby’s Unveils Visions of America | A Glimpse Inside the Heart of American History

Thom Browne to Curate the First Edition in New York

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Cassey Ayala

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Winfred Rembert. (2015). The Curvey: A Swimming Hole for Playing Hookey from School. Acrylic on carved and tooled leather.

Concrete impressions of antiquity and authenticity are establishing a presence in Sotheby’s newest innovation, Visions of America; an honorable exhibition set to introduce an unparalleled collection of American craftsmanship, delicately drawn from paramount and exclusive institutions. Thom Browne, Council of Fashion Designers of America Chairman (CFDA), is the voice of this exclusive American narrative, serving as a pilot of selection in nine preeminent works made to represent the echoes of his visions, all amongst the phenomenon of American artistry and culture.

Sotheby’s and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) are joining forces in an exclusive auction dedicated to America’s eminent designers, ranging from unforgettable red-carpet appearances to streetwear. All proceeds made will go towards the CDFA Foundation, benefiting scholarships and business mentoring in support of the future generations of American designers.  Encapsulated by over 500 illustrations of matchless craftsmanship and artistry, Visions of America presents an reinvigorated atmosphere, one made for an encounter of a variety of astounding American works spanning from the 17th century to the present. Fine furniture, folk art, historic maps, whiskey alongside much more are just a few of the fundamental pieces selected by Browne and to be sold in the heart of New York in January 2024.  

Wilson Homer. (1882). Looking Over the Cliff.

“America is diversity and freedom. I think being American sometimes means the freedom to create something new, do things that are true to yourself,” Browne expresses. Amongst the artworks embodying Visions of America are those of rarity and prime caliber; featuring paintings, drawings, and sculptures from some of America’s prestige artists. Not only will the live auction offer illustrations that accentuate icons and prominent landscapes that played monumental roles in the shaping of America, but it will also feature a celebration of indigenous cultures through artwork that continues to carry a heavily historic presence today. 

A Book of Kiowa Ledger Drawings by Etadleuh Doanmoe (1856-1888), circa 1876 Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida.

Amid the curated assortment of essential Americana, the exhibition will embrace both printed and manuscript instruments of America’s foundations. Highlights of American excellence are present in the collection: a discussion of military strategy between President Lincoln and General Hallack, an autograph manuscript journal of Captain James Duncan, all amongst an array of additional hallmarks embodying the spirit of American independence.  

Visions of America will take residency in New York in January of 2024. 

Thomas Worthington Whittredge. Indian Encampment Under trees.

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