Sandbourne Santa Monica | Introducing A Beachfront Jewel

Welcome To Your Tranquil Oasis Opening This Spring

Written by

Mariam Bagdady

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Imagine relaxation in its finest form. As the waves crash onto the sun-kissed sand, therein lies tranquility, dressed in hospitality and glistening in this coastal haven. Redefining luxury with poise and seamless creativity, Sandbourne Santa Monica announces its Spring 2024 debut. Sandbourne welcomes a new hotel experience imbued with a deep understanding of active wellness and the coexistence of art within this sanctuary.

The guest rooms are meticulously designed by esteemed designer Gulla Jónsdóttir to invite a “Feel The Moment” feeling that feeds into a sensorial wonderland. Sandbourne basks under the California sun vibrantly, with art adorning every inch of the hotel, from the ceramic ornamented pool to the polished surfaces and minimalist accents that flush the lounge, fitness center, and upscale cabanas. The hotel also features a well-designed dining room, an exquisite culinary experience by Chef Raphael Lunetta in its comprehensive restaurants, and a lush outdoor patio that echoes the natural tones of the sand and sea. Sandbourne is a place of serenity and a coastal tale waiting to unfold– one that savors traditional hospitality above all.

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