Regina’s Grocery | Sandwiching Tradition and Creation

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Sofia Ziman

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Amidst the towering skyscrapers and vibrant streets of a sprawling city, the sense of anonymity can often leave one yearning for personal experiences and familial connections. Discovering a place that radiates the comfort of home can be quite the feat. Yet, as you walk through the doors of Regina's Grocery, which is now located in three locations across New York City, it's like stepping into the kitchen of a dear old friend. Here, amidst the urban hustle, every sandwich is a testament to love and tradition. Made with the finest locally sourced ingredients and no "processed shit," it creates an unmistakable atmosphere that is quintessentially NYC.

The mastermind behind Regina's Grocery, Roman Grandinetti, has left an indelible mark on both the gastronomic and creative landscapes of New York City, holding collaborations with a plethora of renowned brands and people. He spent his formative days collaborating with music industry giants, a successful marketing director for artists like 50 Cent and Mark Ronson. His creativity later led to his creation of the magazine-turned-marketing agency CNNCTD, whose client roster includes Alexander Wang, Google, Kith, and Nike. Past ventures have masterfully intertwined diverse worlds, from culinary art to fashion, luxury cars to sportswear, media to sustainability, and lifestyle. Regina's Grocery itself has been at the forefront of this artistic fusion, with a track record of sandwich collaborations with iconic brands such as Puma and Parade. These partnerships transcend mere food offerings, transforming each visit into a holistic experience where top-tier art, fashion, and food seamlessly converge.

Despite his remarkable success in the realm of business and marketing, Roman Grandinetti remains a man deeply rooted in the values of family and tradition. With roots from Brooklyn, in 2018 Regina's Grocery was born from passion, co-owned by Roman and his mother Regina. Beyond a deli, it is a heartfelt tribute to the Grandinetti heritage, borrowing from generations of family recipes. Sandwiches bear the names of beloved relatives–some of which are dearly departed while others are ever present. The walls are decorated with photos of beloved family members. From the timeless elegance of Grandma Lucy to the spicy richness of Uncle Jimmy, each creation reflects the unique characteristics and flavors of those they are named after.

Regina's Grocery is a place where you're not just a customer; you're welcomed as a member of the family, invited to savor the heart and soul of their cherished culinary traditions. “Orchard is my mother’s kitchen, Mulberry is paying homage to the neighborhood - This one is for the boys,” explains Roman about the different locations and the newest expansion in Williamsburg. This unique blend of flavors and heritage resonates with both devoted locals and curious visitors.

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