Rachel Grae | Raw and Honest Single 'Colorblind'

Breaking the inevitable cycle.

Written by

Tiana Molony

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Photographed by Daniel Alexander Harris

Colorblind–the inability to distinguish between red and green. Our relationships can alienate our natural human instincts–making us somewhat blind to obvious alarms. From an outward perspective, these clear caveats may be obvious. But for the person inside the relationship, red and green flags blend into one color–creating a inescapable blur. This blindness persists for artist Rachel Grae as she dives deeper into this feeling in her new single “Colorblind” out today.

Courtesy of Rachel Grae

“Colorblind” explores the never-ending struggles of toxic relationships and the feeling of entrapment. Being colorblind disconnects us from reality and makes it increasingly difficult to break our unhealthy cycles. Grae transforms from this feeling of imprisonment to enlightenment and self-awareness. She is finally able to distinguish red and green flags and comes out as a new person because of it. Exploring the idea of the good and bad Grae sings “I'm a little bit weary when all of the good is too good it scares me.” Oftentimes, when our lives are void of any suspected hiccups, we assume something may be wrong. At this point, Grae comes to an essential realization that things she thought were acceptable are potentially not.

On the visuals of her music video Grae shares, "The music video for 'Colorblind' is about the difficulty in avoiding red flags in an unhealthy relationship. As the music video goes on, a more confident version of the girl in the toxic relationship finds the courage to realize her worth, break out of the cycle, and move on." Facing her biggest fears in a relationship, Grae confronts what’s right in front of her and discovers a new clarity. Stream “Colorblind” on 11/11.

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