Peach Tree Rascals | "Lately I" Music Video

Through the Eyes of the Fish Eye

Written by

Palmer Dean

Photographed by

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It is the exhilaration and feverishness of potential romance that fuels the youthful heart. The eager chase for a new crush provides a nauseating yet thrilling sense of adrenaline. Peach Tree Rascals’ music video for their newest single “Lately I” coming out May 10th tosses you right back into that heart racing determination of a naive romantic. 

Formed at their local high school in San Jose, California, Peach Tree Rascals released their debut single Glide in 2018. The group blew up after their single “Mariposa” went viral on TikTok. Their discography has an alternative tune with notes of jazz, funk and hip hop subtly mixed in.

The accompanying video to “Lately I” was directed, shot and edited by the band themselves. The footage is filmed through a funky fish eye lens, the viewer watches the band perform the song live. A psychedelic orange film washes over the screen that alongside the lyrics, brings to life the thrilling unease of a new crush. The band's first North American tour is set to begin in early June, "Lately I" will certainly be a crowd pleaser at each and every venue.

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