Paul Kalkbrenner | Returning with new single "Schwer"

AI and dance synth meet everyday scenes of Berlin

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Cerys Davies

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Paul Kalkbrenner explores what “Fremdkörper” is and can be with his latest release, “Schwer.”  The electronic music pioneer returns to his recognizable sounds of dance synth while finding meaning in the German word for foreign body. As his first independent release after a short stretch with Sony, he settles down to reconnect with his roots in the genre of electronic music.

The ideas surrounding foreign bodies and its meaning inspired not only the track, but its accompanying music video. With the help of Independent Creative Agency Mother Berlin, director Jovan Todorović, and production company BWGTBLD, the “Schwer” video reaches new technological heights with the implementation of 4D-volumetric people. The video follows everyday scenes in Berlin, but each time the viewer is brought back to a scene something within their 4D-volumetric reality alters until it surpasses a sense of reality.

“Incredible. This volucap technology is really another level. I feel very privileged to be able to work with Jovan, Mother Berlin, BWGTBLD, and everyone else involved in this video. It couldn't be more on point,” shares Kalkbrenner. 

When listening to “Schwer,” it’s easy to imagine it blaring through the loud speakers at a show while making your way through a sweaty, neverending crowd. The consistent beat and strategic use of hi-hats make this track an undeniable anthem. Luckily, Kalkbrenner reenters the European festival circuit this summer. Hopping to and from places like Germany, Belgium, Spain and France, his iconic rhythms will be heard all over the continent.

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Paul Kalkbrenner , Independent Creative Agency Mother Berlin, Jovan Todorović, BWGTBLD, Berlin