Let Yourself Dive Into the Musical Wonderland of NoMBe’s “Noah” EP

NoMBe's latest EP 'Noah' transcends genre and style, delivering a masterful compilation of catchy songs with impeccable production. With infectious rhythms, deep lyrics, and heartfelt melodies, each track invites listeners on a journey through joyful landscapes and energy. 

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Leslie Jensen

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NoMBe's latest EP, “Noah,” is a masterful compilation of unique lyrics and melodies that, without depending on each other, make up a complete work that makes total sense from start to finish.

The artist, born in Germany and based in Los Angeles, overcomes the limits of genre and style in this EP made up of 6 catchy songs and very well achieved in terms of production.

For NoMBe, music is a reflection of the constant evolution of life, and he effortlessly channels this spirit into his work, allowing his sound to transmute with the ebb and flow of his personal journey.

From the start, “Noah” presents a spectrum of eclectic influences, elements of dance, R&B, alternative, soul, indie, and blues. Each song on this EP invites listeners on a journey through joyful soundscapes and effusive energy that create an immersive experience that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Throughout his career, NoMBe has garnered praise from critics and fans alike for his ability to create catchy, enjoyable music that resonates with listeners on a deep level. With “Noah,” he continues to solidify his reputation as a boundary-pushing artist who fearlessly follows his creative instincts, resulting in work that is as adventurous as it is infectious.

The EP really manages to imbue the listener with the musical spectrum that the artist creates and that undoubtedly has that air of a perfect soundtrack for a movie scene or a dreamy road trip.

“Noah” opens with “Space For Two,” a song that has a super infectious rhythm that will stay with the listener for a long time and will whet the appetite to check out what else is on the album. It's the perfect song to run away somewhere with someone special and indulge in adventure.

“White Lies,” for example, is a blow to the heart, but accompanied by a very happy melody. It's the song you need to hear when you discover a deception, and you have to overcome it because there is not much time to suffer.

Revenge comes with “Boys Like Me,” a catchy song - like the entire EP - whose intro says it all: “Don't fall in love with Boys Like Me / don't fall in love with Boys Like Me / cause I'm not in love babe / and never will be / so don't fall in love with / don’t fall in love with / Boys Like Me.”

“The Last Day of the End of the World” is a deep song with a very nostalgic melody that highlights NoMBe's artistic ability and evokes experiences from the past that have been left behind, “so far from consequence / like time is on our hands.”

To celebrate the release of the EP, NoMBe will be doing a live show at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles this May 2nd. There, he will play all of NOAH's songs, as well as hits from his first and second albums and maybe others. If you're nearby, it's an event worth seeing, so get your TICKETS HERE.

For more info on NoMBe: INSTAGRAM

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