NEIL FRANCES | Goldenvoice Surf Club Take Over

DJ-duo takes us with them to Coachella

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Maria Kyriakos

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Epic polaroid shot at our billboard on the way to Surf Club with our tour manager Pete — he’s the boss.

Nestled within the sun-kissed realms of Coachella Valley the beloved festival witnessed an electrifying performance. With the palm-fringed oasis at the Surf Club as their background, the beloved DJ-duo NEIL FRANCES took over the decks rushing in a sonic experience that elevated the desert air. The music resonated and remained a palpable energy of joy that pulsed through the crowd. Smiles adorned faces, and festival-goers swayed.

In the midst of the desert heat, the Surf Club suddenly became a sanctuary—a place where the collective heartbeat of the crowd synchronized with the infectious beats. NEIL FRANCES didn't just take the booth; they created a moment of pure bliss, leaving a lasting mark on Coachella Weekend 2. Check out their photo diary below as they take us through their sunny lens.

Us… with the legend.. Big dawg Rodney (aka PawPaw Rod).
We love to spin.
Instant gratification.
Pool... Dance... Pool... Dance... Rinse... Repeat.
Track ID?
Packing up to hit the road after a long weekend, so stoked to have been able to play these shows!

Coachella Polaroids and fisheye shot by Kyle Jetter, other 3 PSSC Polaroids by Pat Moan.

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