Micah McLaurin | Debuting new single "Don't Give Up On Love"

The pop artist takes listeners on a disco-daze with recent offering

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Photo Credit: Boyang Hu

Pop artist Micah McLaurin propels airwaves with his latest release, “Don't Give Up On Love," now available via Casa Doce Music. The single is infused with vibrant disco rhythms and an inspiring message that exudes unwavering hope. The track is infused with vibrant disco rhythms and a message of unwavering hope, the track serves as a beacon of encouragement. 

With "Don't Give Up On Love," McLaurin delivers a compelling mix of retro gloss-pop, allowing listeners to embrace the belief that love is worth fighting for. The universal emotions McLaurin depicts feel familiar, oozing with ease. Accompanying the single's release is a chic behind-the-scenes rehearsal video, showcasing McLaurin's dynamic evolution as an artist. From commanding the piano keys to commanding the dance floor, McLaurin's journey unfolds with effortless grace and style.

FLAUNT sat down with the artist to discuss disco, sonic inspirations, and Paris Fashion Week.

What inspired “Don’t Give Up On Love” and its disco sound?

It kind of evolved naturally. Coming from the classical world, I’m really drawn to disco because the musicality and harmonies in it are complex but accessible. “Don’t Give Up On Love” started as a solo piano piece, stylistically a mix of French chanson and baroque music, and then I brought it to my co-writer Aleena Gibson and we improvised over it and came up with the melody and lyrics. When we recorded the demo, we had the idea to make it retro disco and it worked. So, we took it further and gave it a modern sound but with classic disco elements.

Can you describe your writing process and how that comes to be?

My process is usually just sitting down and playing the piano. I’ll play chord ideas, melodic ideas, improvise crazy pieces… there aren’t really any limits. Sometimes the things you tell yourself are too crazy and won’t work are the very things that end up feeling so good. Spontaneity and silliness are important in creating, so you need to feel free and not judge yourself too quickly.

What were your favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week?

I would say my favorite look was both the Vivienne Westwood look and the Jeanne Friot red crochet dress. In Vivienne, I was channeling regal glamor with rococo curls and pearls. It felt like a mix of traditional with modern. I wore Jeanne Friot to the Alexander McQueen show. It was a red crystal embellished crochet dress, dripping with red pendants. I love a sparkly crystal moment.

How was your experience going to all the shows and parties in Paris during Fashion Week?

I kept picturing it and it happened. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. What I loved about Paris Fashion Week was the enthusiasm from the crowds. There was an excitement outside the shows and in the city that felt really special. It was amazing to experience that. Paris is so picturesque everywhere, so I got a lot of content that will go along perfectly with my next song that’s literally about going to Paris.

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