Meth Math | Enter the world of 'Mantis'

The Mexico-based trio lets us into their mystical realm

Written by

Cerys Davies

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It’s dark. An enigmatic green light shines on Meth Math vocalist Ángel Ballesteros. It leads her to an eerily green, bubbling pool. She plunges in and enters what seems to be the world of “Mantis.” In the opening scenes of Meth Math’s newest video, Ángel leads watchers into this alternate realm both visually and sonically. 

In this new world, she finds herself changing forms as she prances through the forest, dips her newly blue tongue in the river, and even gets hooked up to an IV bag filled with strawberries. As her high pitched vocals combine with the equally shrill production style, a steady bass line brings a sense of clarity to the track – allowing both sides of contemporary electronica and reggaetón to shine through.  

“Mantis” is the first preview of what is to come from the Mexico-based trio. Composed of vocalist Ángel Ballesteros and the producers Error.Error and Bonsai Babies, they all share insight into what the world of "Mantis" means to them.

The artist shares, "'Mantis' is an entomologic symphony that explores the desire and predatorial passion between mantidae. The green memories of the praying, longing for the casual encounter that got lost in yesteryears. The labial palp and sharp mandibles kissing the triangular head that was left without a body. The raptorial legs ready to cling on again onto a torax that wants to escape the ritualistic dance that blurs the line between death and sex. The insects we don’t see in the dark open their antennas, sensorial artifacts that detect the cloud of pheromones that invites them into one last act of pleasure."

As the group continues to pioneer their sound and play with their aesthetic, they are also set to a tour in Asia at the beginning of November as well as currently working towards on larger project set to come out early 2024.

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