Mercedes-Benz x Superplastic | New Capsule Collection

Celebrate World Dachshund Day with a Superdackel figurine

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Brendan Le

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Unpredictability often becomes synonymous with bizarre fun, exemplified in the unlikely collaboration between German luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz and Vermont-based design studio Superplastic. After debuting their partnership in January, the brands released a limited-edition toy and clothing collection on World Dachshund Day starring Superplastic’s newest family member, the standing dog Superdackel.

The capsule collection’s centerpiece is a foot-tall handcrafted wood sculpture of Superdackel, supported by a minimalist hoodie, t-shirt, and baseball cap emblazoned with a mash-up of the two brands’ logos. Items are available for purchase online or in Superplastic’s NYC store, which will also temporarily house a gallery space dedicated to its Mercedes-Benz partnership. Among the gallery’s displays are a supersized 8.2-foot statue of Superdackel and an animated short film that is incorporated into the mainscreen of the remodeled Mercedes-Benz E Class MBUX. With the unexpected crossover, Superplastic and Mercedes-Benz blur the line between the real and the virtual as they pave a road forward.

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