Mercedes-AMG Motorsport x Race Service | Announcing their latest collaboration, “Materialism”

The Two Brands Celebrated at The Hollywood Roosevelt Rooftop

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Palmer Dean

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The need for speed has been heard and the solution has been delivered. Mercedes AMG Motorsport and Race Service celebrated the launch of their collaboration on the roof of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles on February 29th. Race Service LLC is an LA based creative studio that meets at the intersection of sport and culture. Mercedes AMG Motorsport is the legendary performance marque for the luxury automaker Mercedes Benz. The two company’s latest collaboration, “materialism,'' honors the winning sports car chassis, the C 190 Mercedes AMG GTC.

The event celebrated not only the champion level innovation but motorsports as a vehicle of art, fashion, music and culture. After a five year relationship between these two brands, this anticipated launch is exciting and fresh. The design focuses on the evolution of motor racing from its birth to its global fan base today. The program will launch at the felix art fair with the exclusive VIP GT3 RawSpec event which featured the real life debut of a GT3. 

Mercedes AMG motorsport and Race Services are supporting the event with a capsule collection featuring artist designed race gear and fashion pieces to illustrate how racing and culture can overlap. The brainchild of this event is artist and cofounder James Kirkham who tried to refocus consumer attention on craft, innovation and materials. The artist took inspiration from the cofounder of DC shoes who helped him turn motorsports into fashion before he died in 2023. 

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