Mary and Stella McCartney | Scotland, Sisters and Scotch

The siblings debut their whiskey inspired collection with The Macallan Estate

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Maria Kyriakos

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Sisters, creatives, and designers, Stella and Mary McCartney, are set to launch a new lifestyle collection with The Macallan. Joining together for the first time in their careers, the sisters are eager to share their deep love and admiration for not only The Macallan itself, but Scotland. The limited edition 11-piece lifestyle collection, TOGETHER, designed by the McCartney sisters and a team of skillful craftsmen and artisans, showcases a plethora of curated accessories. Inspired by the third edition of the annual series, The Harmony Collection Amber Meadow and Green Meadow, are distinct representations of the memories both women fondly hold for the country. Growing up visiting their home in the Scottish countryside provided direct inspiration mixed with a warm nostalgia, allowing for the sisters to create the products with an effortless ease and comfort, much like a homecoming. The Macallan crafted sherry seasoned oak and bourbon casks – a nod to the colors of the collection.

Amber and green are the leading colors throughout TOGETHER, being showcased in an ombre shade that represent the grasslands and the whisky itself. The use of natural minerals mixed with luxurious materials is what makes the collection such a stand-out for any home. The apple leather sleeve, brass ice stamps with hand-painted ceramic handles as well as a brass napkin in the shape of an acorn, are all features that make a remarkable tribute to the oak casks that house The Macallan Whisky.

The carefully crafted materials and accessories were a crucial part of the collection, as Stella shared, “We all – The Macallan, Mary and I – wanted to create a collection that celebrated the highest quality of materials and incredible craftsmanship that would be fitting of the shared values between us all. We envisaged pieces that were limited, yet would work together as a family. The idea was to have it live in your home, stand out, and of course be of the highest quality.” Each piece is a testament to artistry and technique that has been celebrated over centuries.

TOGETHER will be available in limited quantities globally starting on October 11, 2023, with availability in the US in early December 2023. 

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