Magnum asks photographers what stands out to them now.

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Dancer’s skirt. Seville, Spain, 1987 / Photographed by Inge Morath

Magnum Photos rang in their 75th anniversary with their latest curation in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery, ‘Now.’ The collection, which included over 100 archival-quality, 6x6” prints, asked photographers to choose an image from their archives that stands out to them today—one that changed their career, reminds them of something special, or has stood the test of time—which spanned eight decades. The sale was online and in-person at The Photographers’ Gallery from October 17-23.

The selections provided a historical timeline of sorts—from Robert Capa’s D-Day landings in 1944 to Sabiha Çimen’s bathers relaxing at a hammam in Turkey in 2020. Subjects include the Bolshoi Ballet, Marilyn Monroe, and Martin Luther King, Jr., and landscapes like an Indian stairwell or a beach on the Amalfi Coast.

Magnum’s anniversary series forms a triptych—’Then, Now, Next.’ The third and final installation is set to launch next spring.

Marilyn Monroe on the set of “The Misfits”, 1960 / Photographed by Eve Arnold


Magnum Photos The Photographers' Gallery Jess Ferguson Marilyn Monroe On The Set Of “The Misfits” 1960 Eve Arnold Marilyn Monroe Martin Luther King Jr. Amalfi Coast Robert Capa Sabiha Çimen Bolshoi Ballet Then Now Next Inge Morath

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Jess Ferguson, Magnum Photos, The Photographers' Gallery